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Hope you enjoy! The original template is from lucygraal.wordpress.com! Please give credit to original and a bit of credit to me for the edit! Remember if people ask say This is an edit by Abbey, or give them my website abbeygraal.wordpress.com

Thank you guys <3

Hello (Abbey)

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted for a while I have been caught up with egg hunt and I was camping so I didn’t really get a chance to post. Anyways Ricardo might start posting again yay! But remember I am pretty much always hiring so just PM me and I might be interested :)

Recolour/Edit (Abbey)

Recolour/Edit (Abbey)

So here’s a quick recolour/edit I did it also would be pretty cute for easter which is one of the reasons I did this. I can’t remember the original creator but still please give me credit for the editing and don’t steal. If you know who the original creator was please tell me and I will inform everyone who the creator is. Also I would have made it blink but my mom is rushing me and telling me to go to bed, so yeah hope you like it :)