xmas hat submission 2014 & black friday

Hey guys! Have you heard of the submission this year for Christmas presents? If not check out http://www.graalians.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26535 for the information, but anyways I have submitted 4 hats so far but I will be submitting more, but I am not gonna show any pictures or tell you what they are until after because I don’t want any stealing if you would like to know contact me – Abigail (Otter) but I’d rather not share on here where everyone can see but anyways anyone can do it! If you don’t actually want to submit any you guys can leave a comment telling me what kinda hats you think I should make.

Also Happy Black Friday! Wanna get any 50% off uploads but don’t know what to get? Look below😉

Hello! :)

Hey guys, it’s Abbey. I decided to come visit this website because it has been a while. I noticed the last post was in June and you guys still come to my website everyday which makes me so happy. I think if you guys still like it then maybe I should start posting again. Don’t get too happy because even if I do start posting again I wont necessarily post graal heads and bodies that often because I barely ever see anyone with my heads and bodies so I feel it’s a waste to make them. I also haven’t been too active on Graal because I have other things I like to do. I also was banned for 2 weeks, which wasn’t my fault but too long to explain so please don’t ask. But anyways hope you are glad I am back and sorry for the paragraph.